About Recollectus

Recollectus traces the intersections of Museum Studies, Heritage Studies, and Memory Studies by bringing together current themes, practices, and developments through a plethora of digital writings and resources.

This network highlights a range of Berghahn publications across subjects engaged in the practices of collecting and recollecting the past. A relaunch of the companion site to the Museum Worlds journal, Recollectus has evolved into a space for Berghahn authors of Museum, Heritage, and Memory – across our books and journals – to present their work. Furthermore, Recollectus gathers free, digitized resources from all over the world, offering readers a centralized location to access virtual tours of the very places explored in our authors’ writings. We invite you to Stay Connected for updates on Recollectus and the subjects this network covers.

Created by Berghahn Books, an independent publisher of distinguished scholarly books and journals in the humanities and social sciences.

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